Subcontract Solutions originated because the owners, in their respective roles within the security guard industry continually experienced problems in trying to find quality manned guarding service providers. They have a combined experience of over 50 years within the industry, dealing with its many issues at all levels.

Guard availability, in any company, can be stretched because of illness, holidays, extra work or a variety of other operational matters. To have a reliable, cost effective and quality service provider to give contract support, in these situations, is invaluable. This is made even better if that provider is found with no effort – the company simply replying to your request!

We all know that demand often arises suddenly, with little notice and in locations where in house support is weak. Subcontract Solutions is the answer to your problems, providing access, nationally, to a host of companies, online, at the touch of a button. When they respond, you simply select the company you want to work for you.

Further, security guard companies often have extra guard capacity and continually looking to secure additional work. Subcontract Solutions provides a potential valuable source for added work.